Buddha Head Agate Bead Bracelet – Improve Focus



Focus can be hard to come by.

With all the distractions both internal and external, you can be struggling to concentrate on what you do.

If you need help improving your focus, a Buddha head bracelet is for you.

The “Buddha Head Agate Bead Bracelet” is worn to promote balance and calmness.

Wearing the bracelet is believed to help you find focus in a chaotic mind.


Buddha Head Bracelet Features

  • Metal Buddha head. Used to invoke meditative stillness and calmness!
  • Natural agate beads. A stone for balancing and grounding!
  • Combined Buddha head and agate. Makes for an excellent companion to improve focus!


The Meaning of the Buddha Head Bracelet

The Buddha head is a spiritual representation of wisdom and knowledge.

It depicts the enlightened Buddha when he came to understand the many secrets of the world.

It’s an image of the awakened one in eternal happiness, free from the sufferings of the world.

By wearing the Buddha head, it is said to radiate a calming presence to help with your focus.

Many have felt its harmonious energy bringing inner peace at crucial times.


Supported by the Balancing Agate Beads

This bracelet is also crafted with agate beads to complement the Buddha head charm.

In the crystal world, agate is a stone known for its balancing properties.

Agate is used to establish a connection with the energies of the earth, keeping your mind grounded and centered.

When worn, it supports the Buddha head charm in promoting focus.

Black agate stones in particular are also believed to improve your defenses against negative aura. This helps you protect your mind from psychic distractions so you can improve your concentration.


Buddha Head Agate Bead Bracelet for You

When combined, the Buddha head charm and agate beads in this bracelet make for an excellent companion at chaotic times.

If you wish to improve your concentration, wear this Buddha head bracelet now!


Aligning your intentions: Speak daily affirmation such as “I invoke calming energy” to align with the bracelet’s energy.


Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Material: Natural Agate Stone, Metal
  • Design: Buddha Head
  • Diameter: 7.48” (19cm)
  • Bead Size: 0.32” (8mm)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Actual product color may vary from the promotional images
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