Buddhist Guardian Deities Bracelet – Luck & Protection

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You are protected by the divine.

Buddhist beliefs say that we all have a deity that guides us. All you have to do is invoke their names and they will bless you with luck and protection.

The “Buddhist Guardian Deities Bracelet” is used to call forth the energy of our divine protectors! Wear the symbol of your guardian deity to bless you with many good things!


How this bracelet can protect you

  • Patron Buddha symbol. Worn to bless you with luck, protection, abundance, wellness, and success!
  • Made of cinnabar stone. Known as a stone of manifestation!
  • Choose from eight Buddhist Guardian deities. Each has an affinity with a particular zodiac animal!


The Eight Buddhist Guardian Deities and Your Zodiac

In Buddhism, it is believed that everyone is born with a patron Buddha. Each of the eight Bodhisattvas or Buddhas protects a certain zodiac animal sign.

It is said that wearing the symbol of your guardian Buddha will allow you to receive his blessing of luck and protection. It will also help improve your wealth, health, and relationships according to Buddhist tradition.

With the help of an ancient system and astrology, the Buddhists have identified which of the eight Buddhist guardian deities has an affinity with a particular zodiac animal.


Which is your Chinese Zodiac animal?

Chinese Zodiac Signs



Pick your zodiac animal and choose the right variant for your custom protection bracelet.


Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: 1x Chinese Zodiac Sign Bracelet
  • Material: Cinnabar, Sterling Silver
  • Amulet: Eight Buddhist Guardian Deities
  • Bead Size: 0.31” (8mm)
  • Bracelet Circumference: 5.9-8.3” (14-21cm)
  • Gender: Unisex
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