Crystal Infusion Water Bottle – Gem Water

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Crystal infused water wherever you go, making your spiritual journey convenient.

This raw crystal bottle features a raw crystal compartment that infuses your water with healing energy. Elegant nordic design meets durable materials – this bottle is the perfect way to benefit from the healing and energizing properties of your favorite crystals during the day and have fresh gemstone water at hand at all time.

Openable crystal chamber

Full flexibility, the crystal chamber can be opened to place your favorite raw crystal inside – depending on mood, day, and your needs.

  • Amethyst – the purifying crystal
  • Rose Quartz – the love crystal
  • Obsidian – the protection crystal
  • Citrine – the wealth and positivity crystal
  • Clear Quartz – the master healer crystal

How to use gemstone water bottle

Step one. Fill your crystal water bottle with water, preferably room temperature and filtered, while setting your intentions.

Step two. Feel your intentions flow through your body and become more energized with every sip of gem water you take. 

Crystal Water Bottle Details

  • Item Type: Gem Water Bottle
  • Materials: Durable borosilicate glass chamber, bamboo, natural crystal
  • Crystals:
    • Amethyst (included)
    • Rose Quartz (optional)
    • Obsidian (optional)
    • Citrine (optional)
    • Clear Quartz (optional)
  • Height: 10.2” (26 cm)
  • Volume: 18.6 oz (550 ml)
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