Dragon Scale Magnetic Bracelet

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Magnetic therapy is one alternative practice for easing pain.

It makes use of magnets to inspire therapeutic effects in the body.

The “Dragon Scale Magnetic Bracelet” is a unique piece designed for magnetic therapy. It is traditionally worn to promote overall wellness.

Fused with magnets, germanium, negative ions, and far-infrared, this bracelet is widely used to aid in the body’s healing process.


Magnetic Germanium Bracelet Benefits

  • Traditionally used in magnetic therapy to improve blood circulation
  • Believed to speed up the healing process
  • Widely worn to reduce inflammation, pain, and discomfort
  • Considered to be detoxifying
  • Promotes relaxation and good sleep


The Art of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

Magnets have been used in traditional medicine for many years. They are worn as a form of therapy to direct blood to a specific area of the body.

This is said to improve blood circulation, which in turn, relaxes muscles and tissues.

As a result, this puts the body in the best environment to heal itself.

Because of this, magnetic bracelets have become a popular tool for aiding in the healing process!


Combined with Germanium Metal

This bracelet also features germanium.

dragon scale magnetic bracelet features


Germanium is a metal that releases negative ions and allows far-infrared rays to enter the body. Negative ions are essential to improve the body’s immune system while far-infrared is believed to enhances conditions of the body.


Dragon Scale Magnetic Bracelet for You

This magnetic bracelet is also fashioned after the lucky Chinese dragon. Many believe that wearing this piece will also bring them good fortune, abundance, and success!

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Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Magnetic Bracelet
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Magnets, Germanium Metal
  • Pattern: Dragon Scale
  • Color: Gold, Silver
  • Length: (19.7cm)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Related Terms: germanium bracelet, dragon bracelet, wellness bracelet, dragon titanium bracelet

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