Gold Pixiu Necklace



Wealth begins when you have a positive mindset and the right intentions.

To support your intentions of attracting wealth, you need the right energy to amplify your desires. The Pixiu necklace is made for this purpose.

The “Gold Pixiu Necklace” is said to attract beneficial energies that influence the wealth aspect of your life. When worn, it is said to draw riches from all directions while protecting you from misfortune.


Gold Pixiu Features

  • Auspicious Pixiu pendant. Widely used to attract wealth energy!
  • Protective feng shui amulet. Said to protect you from misfortune!
  • Made of gold-plated silver. For that premium look!


Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth

Pixiu (aka Piyao) is a popular creature of wealth in feng shui. Known as the “fortune beast,” it is said to have a voracious appetite that can consume the riches of the world. This led to the belief that it can draw abundance and wealth from all directions.

As a result, many would wear Pixiu as a feng shui enhancer for wealth. By wearing the necklace, it is believed to absorb money energy from your environment. This is said to improve the wealth aspect of your life.


Feng Shui Protection Against Misfortune

Pi Yao is the only creature in feng shui to appease the Tai Sui. In Chinese culture, Tai

Sui (aka the Grand Duke of Jupiter) is the god in charge of mankind’s fate. According to legends, incurring the wrath of this god can inflict you with bad luck, sickness, calamity, and even death.

It is believed that wearing Pixiu shows Tai Sui that you are taking care of the god’s favorite pet. This soothes the Grand Duke’s anger, saving you from great misfortune.


Gold Pixiu Necklace for You

Made of gold-plated silver, this Pixiu necklace is not only meaningful. It also gives off that premium look.

If you need the right energy to support your wealth intentions, get this Gold Pixiu Necklace today!


Aligning your intentions: Use positive affirmations for wealth such as, “I grow my wealth every day,” to align with the necklace’s energy.


Pixiu Necklace Details

  • Item Type: Pixiu Necklace
  • Material: Gold-Plated Silver
  • Pendant Amulet: Pixiu
  • Pendant Size: 0.6” (16mm)
  • Gender: Unisex
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