Half Heart Necklace for Couples – Obsidian Dragon and Phoenix Pendant Set

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Love is selfless.

If someone means so much to you, you’d be willing to give anything to that person.

And what better way to express this love than giving the person half of your heart!

With our half heart necklace, you can express how much you and your partner mean to each other!

Our “Obsidian Dragon and Phoenix Pendant Set” is a promise of love you can give to your better half. Wear the necklace together and let that person know that he or she completes you!


Half Heart Necklace Features

  • 2 piece heart necklace. Give a piece of your heart to your better half!
  • Dragon and phoenix design. Said to inspire a harmonious relationship!
  • Made of black obsidian stone. Known as a highly protective stone!
  • Comes with a rope necklace. Carry a piece of his or her heart wherever you go!


Half Heart Necklace Meaning

A heart pendant split into two halves is a symbol of love between a couple.

It means that the heart can only be complete when two people in love are together. It’s like entrusting half of your heart and saying how important that person is to you.

For this reason, giving it as a gift has become a popular act of love among couples.


Obsidian Pendant with Embossed Dragon and Phoenix

What makes our matching heart necklaces special is the dragon and phoenix embossed on the pendants.

In many cultures, these mythical creatures are considered the perfect couple. They represent the male Yang energy and the female Yin energy. Together, they represent the balance needed in a healthy relationship!

Made of black obsidian stone, each pendant also serves as your personal protector against negativity. This stone is said to dispel toxic emotions to strengthen your love for each other!


Half Heart Necklace for Him and Her

Express your loyalty and love to your special someone by giving half of this heart necklace!


Half Heart Pendant Details

  • Item Type: Half Heart Necklace
  • Material: Black Obsidian
  • Design: Obsidian, Phoenix
  • Shape: Two Half Heart
  • Get two pieces of heart pendant for boyfriend and girlfriend
  • Each pendant comes with a rope necklace
  • Necklace Length: 35cm
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Related Terms: twin necklace, broken heart necklace, couple heart necklace, split  heart necklace


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