Hamsa Hand Red String Bracelet – Evil Eye Protection



Protect yourself from negative energies with the “Hamsa Hand Red String Bracelet.” Since ancient times, the Hamsa Hand has been considered a universal sign of protection. It is commonly used to defend against the energy of envy known as the Evil Eye curse. When you’re protected from the Evil Eye, it means you’re keeping away bad luck, illnesses, injuries, and even death.


Hamsa Hand Red String Bracelet Details

  • Red Hamsa Hand Bracelet Meaning: Protection from the Evil Eye curse, dispels negative energies
  • Item Type: Hamsa Fatima Hand Bracelet
  • Material: Red String, Copper
  • Amulet: Hamsa Hand
  • Length: 6.3-8.3” (16-21cm) Adjustable!
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Related Terms: Kabbalah Red String Bracelet with Hamsa Hand, Fatima Hand bracelet, Red Hamsa bracelet, Evil Eye bracelet


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