Mom and Baby Elephant Necklace – Inspire Familial Love

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The bond between you and your child is priceless.

It’s a special connection that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. That’s why you’d naturally want to keep that bond!

There are many ways to deepen your connection with your child. One of them is by wearing this elephant necklace!

The “Mom and Baby Elephant Necklace” is said to inspire familial love. Featuring a family of elephants, this necklace is believed to strengthen the bond between a mother and her children!

It’s a special gift for the most precious person in your life.


Elephant Necklace Features

  • Depicts a mom and baby elephant. Worn to inspire familial love!
  • Made of black obsidian stone. Known for its protective energy!
  • Feng shui enhancer. Used to attract luck and good fortune!


What the Elephant Family Necklace Symbolizes

Elephants are considered a symbol of family in many cultures.

They are nurturing, protective, and extremely social creatures.

These gentle giants are known for creating strong bonds with their families and other members of their herds.

For this reason, many see them as a representation of loyalty, companionship, and unity among family members.

When you wear a pair of elephant pendants, it is believed to foster strong family bonds between you and your child.


Supported by the Protective Black Obsidian

This mom and baby elephant necklace is made of natural black obsidian stone.

In the crystal world, black obsidian is believed to have protective properties.

Many use it to improve their defenses against negative energy, bad luck, and misfortune.

This makes a great gift for your child if you wish to keep him safe at all times!


Mom and Baby Elephant Necklace for You and Your Family

This necklace combines two special symbols to show how much you love your child.

If you wish to deepen your bond with your child, get this protective elephant necklace now!


Aligning your intentions: Speak daily affirmations such as “My family is protected all the time” to align with the necklace’s energy.


Necklace Details

  • Item Type: Necklace
  • Material: Natural Obsidian
  • Shape: Family of Elephants
  • Pendant Size: (50 x 45mm)
  • Comes with a braided necklace rope
  • Gender: Unisex
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