The Heart of Lotus Sutra Ring – For Purity & Wisdom

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The secret to true wisdom is a pure mind, body, and speech.

That is what this beautiful Buddhist ring reveals.

The “Heart of Lotus Sutra Ring” is a reminder that you need to be virtuous all the time.

It’s a great companion to promote the right understanding, thoughts, and actions in your everyday life so you can always be the best version of yourself.


Lotus Sutra Ring Features

  • Lotus flower pattern. A symbol of purity and wisdom!
  • Heart sutra inscriptions. Holds the secret to perfecting wisdom!
  • Meaningful piece. Reminds you of what true wisdom is all about!


Lotus Flower Ring Symbol

The lotus flower is the embodiment of purity.

This flower tends to bloom in murky waters without getting any stains. It manages to rise beautifully despite being surrounded by dirt all around.

In Buddhism, true wisdom is likened to that of a blooming lotus.

The lotus represents a pure body, mind, and soul free from the impurities of the world.

Just like the lotus, you can be virtuous amid the influences around you!


Buddhist Heart Sutra Ring Symbol

Inscribed on the inner side of the ring is the Heart Sutra.

The Heart Sutra is a widely recognized text in Mahayana Buddhism. It means “The  Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom.”

This sutra describes the knowledge obtained by the Buddha of Compassion while meditating.

In his teaching, the Buddha said to empty ourselves to attain true wisdom. By emptying, it means freeing ourselves from attachment to achieve enlightenment.


Lotus Ring with Heart Sutra for You

The lotus sutra ring is not only beautiful, but it is also a meaningful piece about true wisdom.

Wear this ring and be mindful of your thoughts, action, and speech!


Ring Details

  • Item Type: Open Ring
  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Design: Lotus
  • Inscription: Heart Sutra
  • Size: About US size 8-13
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    • The opening is adjustable
  • Width: 0.39” (10mm)
  • Gender: Unisex
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