White Sage Smudge Sticks – For Cleansing Negativity

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Cleanse your jewelry, crystals, or space of negative energy.

White sage smudge sticks are traditionally used to cleanse a person, object, or space of unwanted vibrations. The smoke from the burning plant is said to purify the area and raise its vibration.

This leaves the person or object feeling energetically clear and lighter.

In the practice of spiritual jewelry healing, smudging helps remove any negative energy that your bracelet, necklace, or ring may have picked up. As a result, it helps restore the natural, positive vibrational frequencies of the jewelry.


White Sage Smudge Stick Details

  • White Sage Benefits: Purifies energies, restores natural vibrations, reduces stress, uplifts mood, protects from negativity
  • Item Type: Sage Stick
  • Material: California White Sage
  • Size: 7.09” (18cm)
  • Weight: about 0.13lbs (60g)
  • Related Terms: white sage bundle, white sage incense for cleansing, dried white sage


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