Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Wellness Bracelet

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Our body is believed to produce magnetic fields that affect one’s health.

When these magnetic fields get thrown out of balance, it may lead to a variety of issues in the body. Magnetic bracelets are commonly used to realign these magnetic fields, encouraging a good flow of blood in the body.

The “Rainbow Hematite Magnetic Wellness Bracelet” is a prime example of these magnetic bracelets. By stimulating the flow of blood in the body, this piece is said to aid in improving one’s overall health.


Wellness Bracelet Feature

  • Magnetic stone beads. Used to promote wellness since ancient times!
  • Made of rainbow hematite. Known as a grounding stone, said to improve stability!
  • 2 styles to choose from. Available in single strand or double strand!


Hematite Bracelets and the Wonder of Magnetic Therapy

For years, hematite has been used as a tool for magnetic therapy.

Magnetic stones such as hematite are believed to draw blood where you place them.

This is said to improve blood circulation. In effect, hematite magnetic therapy relaxes the tissues and muscles in the area where you put the stone.

By doing so, you are putting the body in the best environment possible for self-healing.

That said, wearing a hematite bracelet is thought to reduce inflammation, ease pain, and release toxins in the body. It is also said to promote relaxation for a peaceful sleep and positive thinking.


Rainbow Hematite for Grounding

Aside from inspiring healing effects, rainbow hematite is a stone used for grounding.
Aligning with the root and solar plexus chakras, this gemstone helps improve your stability and self-worth.

If you struggle to leave old habits behind, this stone helps you free yourself from your vices.

It is also great for standing up in times of conflict. This is also the stone to turn to if you’re having a hard time with keeping boundaries.


Magnetic Hematite Wellness Bracelet for You

If you feel the need to balance your natural magnetic fields, get this rainbow hematite magnetic bracelet!


Aligning your intentions: Use healing affirmations such as “My body is healing, and I feel better every day” to align with the bracelet’s energy.


Hematite Wellness Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Magnetic Bracelet
  • Material: Hematite
  • Style: Choose from Single or Double Strand
  • Diameter: 2.17” (55mm)
  • Length: 8.26” (209.8mm, adjustable)
  • Gender: Unisex
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